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Republican Party

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Obama: Donald Trump's nomination 'says something' about the Republican Party

Washington Post - ‎12 hours ago‎
Now, Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president. In a taped interview with CBS's John Dickerson that aired Sunday on "Face the Nation," Obama said that fact "says something about what's happened to the Republican Party over the course of the ...

The Far Right Proposals in the 2016 Republican Party Platform

Truth-Out - ‎12 hours ago‎
The Republican Party platform is a wish list for what Republicans in Congress and Donald Trump would like to impose on America.
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Donald Trump has 'got a right' to talk about conspiracies, Republican Party chairman says

Los Angeles Times - ‎3 hours ago‎
Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus defended Donald Trump's decision to revisit a discredited conspiracy theory about Sen. Ted Cruz's father's involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
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New Republican Party unveils its mission for 2016 - ‎3 hours ago‎
But enough about Trump. Let's get down to the freshly minted Republican statement of its beliefs and stands on issues. Aside from the miasma of prejudice and bigotry that clings to all 66 pages of the party's official platform document, Trump's party ...
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Trump's killed the GOP: He erased covert racism from the party's platform — by being overtly racist

Salon - ‎10 hours ago‎
What replaces the modern Republican Party? That's still anyone's guess. Major American political parties go through eras, sometimes changing policies, sometimes even dying.
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The Stupid Runs Deep In Republican Ranks

PoliticusUSA - ‎Jul 23, 2016‎
Last week the story was that the only openly-gay Republican delegate ever to sit on the platform-writing committee was in tears as “her Party” steadfastly hewed to its evangelical extremism and included decidedly anti-gay rhetoric in the official Party ...

Delegates celebrate on the closing night of the 2016 GOP convention. (Aaron Bernstein/Reuters)

National Review Online - ‎Jul 23, 2016‎
For a generation since Ronald Reagan left Washington - that would be the Ronald Reagan who knew that “I'm from the government and I'm here to help” was a punch line - the “conservative” Republican party has sown an incoherent statism that has ...
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Hatred for Hillary Clinton is the great Republican party unifier

The Guardian - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
It's anti-Clinton. “Hillary for Prison” posters, shirts and stickers abound. Earlier I witnessed a “Trump v Tramp” sign.

Trumpism and the death of the Republican Party: Walkom

Toronto Star - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
Donald Trump has blown up the Republican Party. It's not clear what will replace it. Trump didn't do the deed on his own.
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This week we saw that the Republican Party — not just Trump — is the problem

Vox - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
A broad range of perfectly mainstream Republican Party politicians - Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Gov.
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Trump and Pence the day after the Republican convention. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

National Review Online - ‎Jul 23, 2016‎
As Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort, says, Trump “has changed the face of the Republican party” just as Ronald Reagan did.
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RIP GOP: Establishment Politicos Host 'Wake' for Republican Party - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
WASHINGTON - All eyes were on Cleveland for the final night of the Republican Convention, a grand spectacle. But here, a smaller, somber affair took place just blocks from the halls of power at Dubliner's, an Irish pub and Capitol Hill mainstay.

What's Happening To The Republican Party?

FiveThirtyEight - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
We'll be reporting from Cleveland all week and live-blogging each night. Check out all our dispatches from the GOP convention here.

The Republican Party Has Become the Party of Hate

New York Times - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
The Republican Party today is basically a coalition of grievances united by one thing: hatred. Hatred of immigrants, hatred of minorities, hatred of intellectuals, hatred of gays, feminists and many other groups too numerous to mention.
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How Should the Republican Party Approach China Policy?

Foreign Policy (blog) - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
On Tuesday, delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, chose Donald J. Trump as their nominee for President of the United States.

The Republican Party 1854-2016 RIP

The San Luis Obispo Tribune (blog) - ‎Jul 23, 2016‎
When next my name appears on the voter rolls at my polling place, I will be listed not as a Republican, but as having no party preference. The party of Abraham Lincoln is no more. The party of freedom. The party of limited government. The party of free ...

The Republican Party's Unrequited Love of Rock Music

The New Yorker - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
There are many things to find befuddling about the internal mechanics of the Republican Party, but its insistence on deploying countercultural rock anthems to soundtrack its rallies—even now, after so many lawsuits—is especially flummoxing.

Soul-Searching Within the Republican Party

New York Times - ‎Jul 19, 2016‎
Peter Wehner is correct that the Republican Party has some real soul-searching to do as a result of this election cycle and the rise of Donald Trump.

HISTORICAL TREASURE: Republican party began in a Wisconsin schoolhouse in 1854

Terre Haute Tribune Star - ‎Jul 23, 2016‎
The election process in the United States is a fascinating thing. With the 2016 Republican Convention completed, I thought it would be good to take a look at the birth of the Republican Party. The Republican Party is one of the world's oldest political ...