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A baby planet created one of the moon's largest impact basins

Engadget - ‎21 hours ago‎
Scientists have known for a long time that the Imbrium Basin, one of the largest impact craters on the moon, was the result of an asteroid colliding with our planet's natural satellite.

What If the Moon Disappeared Tomorrow?

Live Science - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
On any given day, the ocean closest to the moon gets a bonus gravitational pull, so it rises up slightly, reaching out in watery embrace to what it can never reach.
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Apollo 11 Moon Mission Images Still Stun After 47 Years

InformationWeek - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
Nevertheless, the significance of the first voyage to Earth's only natural satellite -- where a team of intrepid astronauts hurtled through space to orbit, and eventually descend, on the ghostly, dusty surface of the moon -- seems to grow more profound ...

QA: China lunar chief plots voyage to far side of moon

Science Magazine - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
As chief designer for the China National Space Administration's (CNSA's) Chang'e lunar exploration program, Wu Weiren oversaw the Chang'e-3 mission that in late 2013 landed and released a rover on the moon's surface—the first soft touchdown on Earth's ...
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Why tonight's full moon is called a 'buck moon'

CNBC - ‎Jul 19, 2016‎
The moon will be at its fullest at 6:57 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time tonight, though it will not be visible to North Americans until sometime around 8 p.m.
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It's been 47 years since we made our 1st footprints on the moon — here's what you might not know about Earth's ...

Business Insider Nordic - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
It's one of the most defining moments in American history: On July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person ever to walk on the moon, taking what he called "one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind." Forty-seven years later, we ...

Blue Moon finds 30000-square-foot home in…

The Denver Post - ‎19 hours ago‎
Bartender Logan Baer pours a beer for a customer at the newly opened Blue Moon Brewery in the RiNo district on July 21, 2016 in Denver.
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The US and Russia are making plans to return to the Moon together

ScienceAlert - ‎Jul 20, 2016‎
It was 47 years ago that NASA won the space race against the Soviet Union, and Apollo 11 astronauts first walked on the Moon. And now American companies have pitched a series of new plans that would see the country finally return to the lunar surface...

Full Moon Challenge - ‎6 hours ago‎
National Moon Day is July 20th, the day man first walked on the moon. To celebrate we are holding a Full Moon Challenge in honor of each full moon of the year. And you will get an awesome 4 inch Full Moon Challenge Medal! When: Complete your race any ...

Could amazing footage be video PROOF of secret spycraft passing moon or even aliens? - ‎Jul 20, 2016‎
The bizarre UFO passes the moon and (insets) close ups of the object. The video, uploaded to YouTube, could be proof of a mythological top secret craft produced by the US Air Force, or even aliens, according to excited conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters.

Our reporter 'walks on the moon' with help of new anti-gravity treadmill

Mississauga - ‎18 hours ago‎
Full disclosure, I have absolutely zero aerospace training, but I do have an idea of what it's like to walk on the moon. And it's all thanks to Anthony Grande, owner of Focus Physiotherapy. A chain of four locations in Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton and ...

Lunar Drilling: The Resource Race For The Moon Is On

Nasdaq - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
There is Google's Lunar X Prize competition, launched in 2007, promising the winning team $20 million if they can successfully land a rover on the Moon, have this rover travel at least 500 meters and transmit HD images and video. So far, 16 teams have ...

WATCH: Moment 'Nasa cover up' caught on film as 'buildings on the moon' discovered - ‎22 hours ago‎
They go on to claim that it proves an age-old myth that Nasa is aware intelligent aliens visit the earth and moon, but that they refuse to disclose this to the public because of the fear of the impact it would have on religion and the rule of law among ...

Full Moon In Capricorn: Considering Our Security Needs & Challenges

Collective Evolution - ‎Jul 19, 2016‎
We are having a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19th-20th (depending on where you are located in the world). During Full Moons, we experience a push-pull between two opposing signs; in this case, it is the polarity between Cancer and Capricorn.

Rapper Wale Announces the Birth of His Daughter Zyla Moon

People Magazine - ‎6 hours ago‎
The rapper and girlfriend Claudia Alexis Jourdan welcomed their first child together on Friday. “Zyla Moon Oluwakemi,” the new dad revealed his daughter's name, also gushing about fatherhood.

You didn't ask but ... 'I see the moon and the moon sees me'

Freeport Journal-Standard - ‎17 hours ago‎
They were being good little moons, showing up just as pretty as you please. Of course, I'm not sure how little they are.
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NASA fakes the moon landing in the Operation Avalanche trailer

A.V. Club - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
The film provides a what-if alternate history suggesting the conspiracy theory that the original moon landing was faked really occurred.
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Here's When Next Pokemon Sun/Moon Info Will Be Revealed

GameSpot - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
Pokemon Go may be all the rage right now, but another game in the series is coming this year. Pokemon Sun/Moon for Nintendo 3DS launches in November, and now The Pokemon Company has confirmed when the next information about the game will be ...

5 Jewish Things About the Moon For #NationalMoonDay

Forward - ‎Jul 20, 2016‎
Today is National Moon Day, exactly 47 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people to set foot on the moon on July 20th, 1969. Since then six missions have successfully landed men on the moon, though since 1972 the only human ...
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Gravitational Tug of Sun and Moon Could Trigger Earthquakes Along San Andreas Fault

Nature World News - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, is based on previous researcher suggesting that the gravitational tug of sun and moon is not only affecting the sea levels of Earth, but can also stretch and compress ...