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Mark Carney

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Mark Carney Has Started A Revolution By Embracing Fintech And Blockchain

Forbes - ‎Jul 25, 2016‎
In the aftermath of Britain's referendum vote to leave the European Union, Brexit's loudest advocates scurried from public view and the political establishment descended into a caustic battle for control.

Mark Carney has seeded a revolution by embracing fintech

The Globe and Mail - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
One person has quietly stepped up: Canadian Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England. Mr. Carney acted quickly to stem the Brexit panic.

It's time that Mark Carney went the same way as George Osborne - ‎Jul 23, 2016‎
A week after the referendum Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England and a rabid Remainer, warned Britain - on the basis of no reliable data at all, but obsessed by his own ego - that “in my view the economic outlook has deteriorated”.
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Mark Carney focuses on climate change, not Brexit, on visit to Canada

Toronto Star - ‎Jul 15, 2016‎
Climate change is what Carney called the “tragedy of the horizon,” an allusion to the classic environmental economic problem the “tragedy of the commons,” but amplified because the impacts of climate change will be felt by future generations.
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Mark Carney opens Lehman playbook to stave off Brexit turmoil

The Globe and Mail - ‎Jul 13, 2016‎
Mark Carney looks poised to repeat a strategy that served him well during the global financial crisis. As the Bank of England governor seeks to stave off any turmoil after Britain's decision to quit the European Union, he has cited his experience at ...

Mark Carney Could Still Surprise Investors on BOE Policy

Bloomberg - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
After being surprised by the lack of an interest rate cut in the U.K. this month, investors shouldn't be so sure they know what Mark Carney's next move will be. The Bank of England Governor will likely spurn the latest fashion among central bankers ...
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Carney says global economy has weathered uncertainty well

City A.M. - ‎Jul 24, 2016‎
Mark Carney has said the global economy has successfully weathered uncertainty, including downward revisions to global growth and the initial shock of the EU referendum result.

BNN's Daily Chase: Heat waves, world's largest laser, and Mark Carney hits back - ‎Jul 12, 2016‎
Bank of England chief Mark Carney has been snarling back at British MPs who grilled him on the bank's anti-Brexit stance in the run-up to the June 23 vote.
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Mark Carney and Christine Lagarde blasted over economic scaremongering by LIVID voter - ‎Jul 20, 2016‎
MARK CARNEY and Christine Lagarde have been slated for their parts in the Remain campaign's "scaremongering".

Why Mark Carney didn't blink even though he KNOWS a recession is on the way

Business Insider - ‎Jul 14, 2016‎
When a country sinks into a recession, the standard central-bank strategy is to lower interest rates to make money cheaper to borrow and invest.

Bank of England governor Mark Carney in Canada

Guelph Mercury - ‎Jul 15, 2016‎
The governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney gives a press conference at the Bank of England in the City of London on June 30, 2016.
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Mark Carney axes Bank of England's tradition of private accounts for staff

Daily Mail - ‎Jul 16, 2016‎
As governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney is used to dealing with the far-reaching effects of the global economic crisis and now Britain's decision to quit the EU.

Carney says carbon plan could open door for financial-sector profits - ‎Jul 15, 2016‎
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney took his message on climate change to Canada's financial community Friday, arguing that a uniform framework for corporate disclosure of carbon exposure and strategy could open a new door for financial-sector profits ...

Carney 'forced Bank's hand' on interest rate cut

The Times (subscription) - ‎Jul 12, 2016‎
Mark Carney may have bounced the Bank of England into an unnecessary interest rate cut by calling for stimulus only days after the Brexit result, leading economists have warned in a fierce attack on the governor.

Mark Carney: Return of the unreliable boyfriend

Mortgage Introducer - ‎Jul 14, 2016‎
Scotiabank economist Alan Clarke has called it the “return of the unreliable boyfriend” with the Bank of England holding rates at 0.50% after Governor Carney (pictured) talked up the expectation of a rate cut earlier in the month. Clarke, who is the ...

Can Mark Carney's economic policies stop Brexit causing a recession in the UK?

What Investment - ‎Jul 18, 2016‎
In the weeks since we have had greater clarity on two fronts; a new prime minister has been appointed, and Bank of England governor Mark Carney has stated that the central bank is ready to deploy some of the tools at its disposal to prevent a recession.

Les sociétés doivent tenir compte des changements climatiques, dit Mark Carney

L'actualité - ‎Jul 15, 2016‎
TORONTO – À peine le tiers des 1000 plus grandes entreprises du monde divulguent des informations pertinentes au sujet des risques qu'elles encourent en raison des changements climatiques, a estimé vendredi le gouverneur de la Banque d'Angleterre, ...
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If monetary policy is to change, bring it on now - ‎Jul 14, 2016‎
Or will the markets be misled again by clumsy speeches and interventions (Mark Carney is being dubbed the “unreliable boyfriend” by some unkind City types).