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Grapefruit juice

Don't take pills with juice, stick to water

Times of India - ‎Jul 20, 2016‎
"Orange and apple juices have been shown to lower the absorption of certain drugs, thus compromising their effectiveness. On the other hand, grapefruit juice increases the absorption of some drugs.This can turn normal doses into toxic ones," said Dr K ...

Bar Lurcat's white grapefruit cosmo zesty

Naples Daily News - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
The White Grapefruit Cosmo is made with all natural juices and a vodka infused with the fruit's flavor. To balance all the sour punch the fruit packs, the drink comes with a sugared rim and a dash of triple sec.

Hungry Girl: Flavored Water Is the New Soda – 6 Kinds to Try

People Magazine - ‎11 hours ago‎
Lisa Lillien is the author of the popular Hungry Girl website and email newsletter, featuring smart, funny advice on guilt-free eating.

Monsieur Ernest - ‎9 hours ago‎
'Purity and healthy' are the keynotes of the buffet breakfast, which offers fresh orange and grapefruit juice, cereals, yoghurt, various kinds of bread and pâtisserie, cold meats and local cheeses and boiled eggs.

Gliding through Southern France

Vancouver Sun - ‎Jul 25, 2016‎
Aneta (foodservice, housekeeping) has set up the breakfast buffet with coffee and tea, fresh fruit, cereals, slices of ham and cheese, freshly squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice, yogurt, jams, butter. Some mornings I order an omelette or a poached ...

Celebrating National Scotch Day with 3 Refreshing Cocktails

Forbes - ‎8 hours ago‎
How are you planning to celebrate National Scotch Day, July 27? Scotch is definitely a spirit some people either seem to love or hate.

Roadies recap: 'Friends and Family'

Entertainment Weekly - ‎Jul 24, 2016‎
That grapefruit-juice moment was so pivotal for Christopher, he held onto that Solo cup for years. They ultimately decide to give her a ticket, but no, I repeat, no backstage access.

Sam Adams 'brewsicles' are one cool summer treat

The Providence Journal - ‎8 minutes ago‎
Juice the lemons and grapefruit. Combine the juice with sugar and stir until completely dissolved. Add the Sam Adams Summer Ale slowly to prevent too much foam from forming.

Clink, fizz, splash — it's the spritz: Italy's iconic cocktail is simple perfection in summer

National Post - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
In Montreal, for example, there's an entirely non-traditional one called the Arak Spritz ( the Middle Eastern anise-flavoured liqueur, Campari and prosecco) at Brïz, the Italian restaurant on St-Denis St., which has also been known to add gin ...

Need to cool down? Try homemade booze-sicles

The News Journal - ‎8 hours ago‎
Specifically, after a run to the store for frozen-pop molds, juice and fruit, and a little research into the freezing properties of hard liquor, I had molds full of goodness in the deep freeze: a grapefruit Paloma pop with tequila, lime and a little ...

Understanding The Difference Between Sweet And Dry Vermouth

VinePair - ‎11 hours ago‎
Vermouth is actually incredibly generous with flavor, but its complexity makes it more of a backbone/background component to cocktails (compared with the pronounced bitter grapefruit of a Campari or the cool anise intensity of Absinthe ...

Never have Medicines with Juice, go for Water

Film Dhamaka - ‎Jul 24, 2016‎
“Apple and orange juices in particular are revealed to reduce the absorption of certain medicines, which compromises the effectiveness.

Cool cocktails for National Tequila Day - ‎Jul 19, 2016‎
Add Tequila Don Julio Blanco, grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and ice. Shake well. Strain contents into a Collins glass over fresh ice.

Justin Timberlake's Tequila Cocktail Recipes Are the Ultimate Summer Cool-Down

People Magazine - ‎Jul 24, 2016‎
Justin Timberlake is attending the 27th Annual American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament this week in South Lake Tahoe, along with celebrities like Stephen Curry, Charles Barkley and Ray Romano.

Pretty tasty in pink

Winnipeg Free Press - ‎Jul 23, 2016‎
There is a breed of pink-fleshed lemons, but their flesh - not their juice - is rosy. Sometimes cranberry, pomegranate, grapefruit or raspberry juices are used for colouring. But stories about the invention of pink lemonade in the mid-1800s tend to ...

Q&A: Seth Lisboa-Nieves uses coding to manage juice deliveries for Leola-based Elloday

LancasterOnline - ‎14 hours ago‎
I was really into pressing my own fresh-squeezed juice in the morning. After a couple months, it gets tiring, sitting there pressing with the manual press.

What gose around, comes around: BC brewers resurrect obscure styles

Windsor Star - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
Gose (pronounced go-zuh) was brewed with a blend of pale barley and wheat, spontaneously fermented with wild yeast and bacteria and bottled with a plug of yeast, yielding a product about as common as unicorn juice. While it was a notable grandfathered ...

Sturgis woman brings about way to test date rape drugs

KEVN Black Hills Fox - ‎Jul 25, 2016‎
It's a friend says 'hi' and whoop -- you're done." So she thought back to her boss's decision and thought those coasters needed to make a comeback.

6 Natural Ways to Repel Fleas and Ticks News - ‎Jul 25, 2016‎
Citrus Juice: fleas dislike citrus, so try sprinkling some fresh-squeezed lemon, orange or grapefruit juice on your dog's fur (being careful to avoid her eyes) - and remember lemon juice can lighten dark hair.

How to Serve Bream, Crappie, or Walleye on the Rocks

Field and Stream - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
The Denver-based angler and chef Alex Figura takes a bartender's approach to cooking the bream he catches. By sneaking a flavored ice cube into sealed parchment-paper packets of fish and vegetables—Figura is fond of grapefruit juice and white wine—he ...