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New WikiLeaks Trove Further Exposes TISA's Neoliberal Agenda

Mintpress News (blog) - ‎19 hours ago‎
WikiLeaks on Wednesday released a trove of documents detailing previously unknown pro-corporate provisions and updates to the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), exposing the extent to which the U.S.

WikiLeaks Exposes Text from Secretly Negotiated TISA Trade Deal

teleSUR English - ‎May 25, 2016‎
The website WikiLeaks released on Wednesday classified documents from the Trade in Services Agreement, or TISA, which is a huge trade agreement being negotiated in secret by the United States, the European Union and 22 other countries.
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Leaked: Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) Documents. Wikileaks

Center for Research on Globalization - ‎May 26, 2016‎
Today, Wednesday, 25 May 2016, 11:30am CEST, WikiLeaks releases new secret documents from the huge Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) which is being negotiated by the US, EU and 22 other countries that account for 2/3rds of global GDP.
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Julian Assange: Swedish court upholds arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder after 'arbitrary detention' finding

The Independent - ‎May 25, 2016‎
A Swedish court has upheld an arrest warrant for Julian Assange in the wake of a United Nations panel's finding that the WikiLeaks founder was being subjected to "arbitrary detention". The 44-year-old is wanted by Swedish authorities for questioning ...
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Chelsea Manning officially appeals 35-year prison sentence for Wikileaks link

Daily Mail - ‎May 20, 2016‎
Chelsea Manning, 28, the ex-US-soldier who gave thousands of secret army documents to the website WikiLeaks in 2010, is now appealing her 35-year prison sentence.
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'Risk of inaction is very high': WikiLeaks founder Assange under spotlight in new doc at Cannes

RT - ‎May 20, 2016‎
American independent journalist Jacob Appelbaum, WikiLeaks section editor Sarah Harrison and American documentary films director Laura Poitras are at a news conference on the documentary 'Risk', devoted to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in ...
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Brazil's Acting President Michel Temer Used to Be US Intelligence Informant: WikiLeaks

Center for Research on Globalization - ‎May 16, 2016‎
Brazil's new interim president, Michel Temer, was an embassy informant for US intelligence, WikiLeaks has revealed. According to the whistleblowing website, Temer communicated with the US embassy in Brazil via telegram, and such content would be ...

The Importance of Anonymity in the Wikileaks Era

Observer - ‎May 17, 2016‎
A month ago a whistleblower was awarded over $10 million by the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission, the largest ever in its history, over thirty times greater than the next highest award.
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WikiLeaks Reveal Macri's Candidate for Top UN Post Is Key US Ally

teleSUR English - ‎May 21, 2016‎
A trove of Wikileaks' diplomatic cables show that Malcorra often met with Rice and other representatives of the U.S. diplomatic core.

Whistleblower: WikiLeaks Weakens Brazil's Acting President

Sputnik International - ‎May 18, 2016‎
International financial whistleblower Stephanie Gibaud claims that the WikiLeaks revelation of previous clandestine communications between interim Brazilian President Michel Temer and the US government exposed their previously secret prior relationship.
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Wall Street to Wikileaks: 7 facts about gubernatorial hopeful Phil Murphy - ‎May 17, 2016‎
Confidential cables that he and other embassy staff sent to the U.S. were leaked by the organization Wikileaks - including one in which Murphy said German Chancellor Angela Merkel was "insecure" in dealing with America and one in which staff were ...
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WikiLeaks Reveal Brazil's New Coup President Is 'US Informant'

Axis of Logic - ‎May 14, 2016‎
Whistleblower website WikiLeaks described the Senate-imposed President of Brazil Michel Temer as a “U.S. Embassy informant” in a tweet and provided two links where Temer's candid thoughts on Brazilian politics serve as the basis for a report by the U.S ...
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WikiLeaks lève un voile sur la dérégulation des services

Libération - ‎May 25, 2016‎
En juillet 2014, WikiLeaks levait un coin du voile en publiant une première annexe au Tisa, celle consacrée aux services financiers. Depuis, l'organisation de Julian Assange et ses partenaires, médias et ONG, ont révélé diverses versions de travail ...

Wikileaks whistleblower, Manning seeks to reduce sentence in appeal

Nigeria Today - ‎May 21, 2016‎
Chelsea Manning, who released thousands of classified U.S. military documents to the whistleblower website Wikileaks, has lodged an appeal against her conviction and the length of her sentence.

Swedish court upholds arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange - ABC News Australia - ‎May 25, 2016‎
Photo: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, hails the UN panel ruling on his detention as a 'victory' - AFP.
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WikiLeaks: mandat d'arrêt confirmé pour Assange

Le Nouvelliste - ‎May 25, 2016‎
Une juridiction suédoise a confirmé mercredi le mandat d'arrêt visant Julian Assange, le cybermilitant australien fondateur de l'ONG WikiLeaks. Il est réfugié depuis 2012 à l'ambassade équatorienne de Londres. Julian Assange, 44 ans, est mis en cause ...

Preuves Wikileaks : Le coup d'Etat en Syrie a été planifié en 2006

Mediapart - ‎May 26, 2016‎
"La Syrie n'a jamais été victime d'une guerre civile". Interview de Julian Assange par Peter Moore. « Ces télégrammes sont particulièrement inquiétants. Normalement, il faut lire entre les lignes ou chercher les sous-entendus. Dans ce cas particulier ...
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Суд в Швеции оставил в силе ордер на арест основателя WikiLeaks Ассанжа

Deutsche Welle - ‎May 25, 2016‎
Джулиан Ассанж укрывается в посольстве Эквадора в Лондоне с июня 2012 года, пытаясь избежать экстрадиции в Швецию, где его хотят допросить по делу об изнасиловании. Основатель WikiLeaks опасается, что Швеция выдаст его США, где ...

Era cierto: WikiLeaks revela negociaciones secretas de los Estados sobre el TiSA

RT en Español - Noticias internacionales - ‎May 25, 2016‎
WikiLeaks ha abierto nuevamente la caja de Pandora sobre los tratados comerciales mundiales y en sus más recientes revelaciones reseña que más de 50 países han estado en conversaciones secretas cada vez más firmes para hacer realidad el Acuerdo ...

WikiLeaks: Jucá era informante de la embajada de EE.UU. en 2009

teleSUR TV - ‎May 25, 2016‎
Según cables de Wikileaks, Romero Jucá, ministro provisional de Planificación de Brasil, mantenía conversaciones con la embajadora de EE.UU. en su país y le manifestó la preferencia de su partido por el candidato del PSDB pese a mantener alianzas con ...