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Steven Spielberg

From Clooney to Spielberg, 5 Big Questions About Summer Box Office

Variety - ‎May 1, 2016‎
Summer doesn't officially start until June 21, but the movie business operates on its own calendar. The foreign release of “Captain America: Civil War” this weekend and its domestic debut in five days kicks off Hollywood's busiest season and signals ...
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Steven Spielberg, Mark Rylance team up for trio of films

CTV News - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
NEW YORK -- The first time Steven Spielberg offered a role to Mark Rylance, the actor said no. That was 30 years ago for "Empire of the Sun.

Steven Spielberg Did YOU Make $187 Million Today? Yeah, Didn't Think So - ‎Apr 28, 2016‎
When Comcast agreed to buy DreamWorks Animation Thursday for $3.8 billion, Spielberg's pockets instantly got way fatter.

Ready Player One: a perfect fit for Steven Spielberg

Den Of Geek - ‎Apr 28, 2016‎
For more than four decades Steven Spielberg has woven cinematic tapestries that have delighted millions, his needle expertly stitching amazement across our senses and threading wonder through our souls.
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Here's how much Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg made off their $4 billion DreamWorks deal

Yahoo Finance UK - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
The cofounders of DreamWorks made out huge on Thursday when Comcast bought DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion. Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, stands to make $408 million based on his roughly 10 million shares in the company, the ...

Ernest Cline geeks out about Spielberg adapting Ready Player One

Blastr - ‎May 2, 2016‎
That movie, to be directed by Steven Spielberg, is due out in 2017. Cline's second video-game themed novel, Armada, is now out in paperback, and he's also on board to write the script for that book's film adaptation, too.

Steven Spielberg says The BFG is the most ambitious mo-cap character ever

Empire - ‎Apr 26, 2016‎
We've seen the trailer for Steven Spielberg's latest slice of magical fantasia, The BFG, and marvelled a little at its helter-skelter plunge into Roald Dahl's whizzpopping world of outsized ogres and much tinier orphans.

Tye Sheridan on the 'Ready Player One' Audition Process with Steven Spielberg - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
We first learned back in February that the Ready Player One movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, had found its Wade Watts in X: Men: Apocalypse actor Tye Sheridan, and he has since been joined by some amazing talent like Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline, ...

AXN presents Steven Spielberg's 'Extant S2' this Mother's Day - ‎May 2, 2016‎
The American, sci-fi, television drama series created by Mickey Fisher and produced by legendary Hollywood film maker Steven Spielberg, showcases the protagonist MollyWoods who returns home to her family inexplicably pregnant after 13 months in outer ...

Watch: Steven Spielberg's Artistic Strength Depends Upon His Humanity

Indie Wire (blog) - ‎Apr 27, 2016‎
Fans of Steven Spielberg say he gets them at their gut; critics of Spielberg say he goes corny too often. Both viewpoints hinge on one attribute: his ability to capture moments of what we call, for lack of a better word, humanity, or times when human ...
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The BFG: The look, the language and the unlikely journey of Steven Spielberg's latest

Entertainment Weekly - ‎Apr 22, 2016‎
Most adults eventually figure out that loneliness and bullying don't stop when you get big. That's also true when you're REALLY big, as in the case of the humongous title character in Steven Spielberg's The BFG. Based on Roald Dahl's 1982 children's ...

Spielberg's technology guru is now making sci-fi into a reality

The Next Web - ‎Apr 28, 2016‎
As Steven Spielberg's technology advisor on the 2002 tech-noir thriller Minority Report, upcoming TNW Europe speaker John Underkoffler completely transformed the way we imagined interacting with information in the future.

What On Earth Happened To Steven Spielberg's 'Halo' TV Show? - ‎Apr 25, 2016‎
In May of 2013, at the XBOX One reveal event, Microsoft announced that they'd be supporting a lot more than Halo 5. It was announced that Steven Spielberg would be producing a Halo TV series, and while we knew very little about it, that prospect alone ...

Player One: Tye Sheridan parla della sua prima audizione con Steven Spielberg - Il nuovo gusto del Cinema - ‎May 2, 2016‎
Mandai diversi nastri che avevo registrato e poi mi invitarono a Los Angeles per fare una lettura insieme a Olivia Cooke e al signor Spielberg. Lui aveva la videocamera in mano ed ha registrato da tre diverse angolazioni [..]. Poi ho pensato ...

Sean Parker's Gag Order Addiction: Even Spielberg Had to Sign NDA at Screening Room Presentation

Hollywood Reporter - ‎Apr 21, 2016‎
... controversial proposal for a $50-a-month first-run home streaming service - the Napster co-founder has asked folks including Steven Spielberg, Brian Grazer, J.J. Abrams and Ron Howard to sign NDAs (Christopher Nolan was one of the few who said no).

'Duel' (1971) : For the Love of Movies podcast

New York Daily News - ‎Apr 26, 2016‎
Get ready for an old fashioned case of road rage in the desert, from the man who will eventually bring you E.T.. Dennis Weaver is terrorized by a mysterious truck driver in Duel, the first film by Steven Spielberg. Michael Sheridan and Frank Posillico ...
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Un concert hommage à John Williams et Steven Spielberg au Grand Rex

Le Figaro - ‎Apr 27, 2016‎
John Williams commence à travailler avec Steven Spielberg en 1974 sur le film Sugarland Express. Une collaboration qui dure depuis plus de quarante ans, et a donné naissance à plus de 20 films. Dès la seconde bande-originale composée pour Spielberg, ...
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Il GGG – Il Grande Gigante Gentile, la nuova avventura firmata Steven Spielberg

Diregiovani - ‎Apr 30, 2016‎
Il GGG – Il Grande Gigante Gentile è prodotto da Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall (“Jurassic World”, “The Bourne Ultimatum”) e Sam Mercer (“Biancaneve e il Cacciatore”, “Il Sesto Senso”) con Kathleen Kennedy (“Star Wars: Il Risveglio della Forza”, ...
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'Shoah' Filmmaker Claude Lanzmann Talks Spielberg, 'Son of Saul'

Hollywood Reporter - ‎May 2, 2016‎
In fact, just yesterday I received a letter through Laszlo from Steven Spielberg. We've recently been exchanging letters.