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Sperm donation

Inside one of the world's largest sperm banks

CNN - ‎Feb 2, 2016‎
Cryos International has sent vials of sperm to more than 80 countries, and more than 27,000 babies have been born from its donors. Donors are paid from $15 to $76 per "donation," and the vials can sell from $45 to $1,137, depending on potency and donor ...
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Sperm banks draft Zika virus policy

USA TODAY - ‎Feb 4, 2016‎
Some sperm banks and fertility societies are taking steps to keep the Zika virus out of their supplies of donor sperm to avoid infecting women trying to get pregnant. Zika virus, which has spread quickly throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, is ...

Second generation born through egg and sperm donation face risks, rewards

LifeZette - ‎Feb 1, 2016‎
Thirty-eight years ago, in vitro fertilization revolutionized our concept of family structures by creating the first generation of children born of donor cells. Even before IVF was used, parents were using donor eggs, donor sperm and surrogates to have ...

'I was Told that I should Visit Doctors and Market Sperms'

The New Indian Express - ‎Feb 3, 2016‎
BENGALURU: In spite of the film Vicky Donor bringing to the fore issues related to sperm donation, his profession - sperm marketing - is still considered unfit for decent conversation, he says.
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How to Be Single

Catholic News Service - ‎Feb 11, 2016‎
Having delivered more than 3,000 babies but with no time to cultivate relationships, Meg opts for single motherhood through the use of a sperm donation at an agency she locates online. Although she's portrayed as a responsible doctor, and serves as ...

The brain drain first, now the egg drain

Times LIVE - ‎Feb 11, 2016‎
Australian law prohibits egg or sperm donors from profiting from their donation and critics say the A$2500 the South Africans will get in living expenses for a fortnight constitutes payment.

Andrew Fiala on Ethics: Reproduction has gone way beyond the birds and the bees

Fresno Bee (blog) - ‎2 hours ago‎
We have only recently gotten used to the idea of in vitro fertilization, sperm donation, surrogacy and genetic screening. Gay marriage and adoption are recent innovations.

Richards bids for same-sex referendum

Royal Gazette - ‎7 hours ago‎
not at all distracted and I am well aware of the sexes in question. you do realize the endless legal issues on children of gay marriages when the parents divorce?

A donor-conceived woman speaks out

MercatorNet - ‎Feb 3, 2016‎
Stephanie Raeymaekers is an advocate for donor-conceived children in Belgium. MercatorNet spoke with her recently about her work. The Belgian advertising industry recently launched a campaign to support sperm donation. Award-winning men donated ...

In vitro fertilization and a web of flirtation on this week's 'Saturday Morning Fever' - ‎Feb 11, 2016‎
These images foreshadow an episode centered on Casey's conversations about sex and sperm donation with her bride-to-be (and so-Philly mother!
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Zika virus sexual transmission case in US raises concern of World Health Organization - ‎Feb 5, 2016‎
French Health Minister Marisol Touraine recommended that people returning from affected areas avoid donating sperm or undergoing in-vitro fertilization for a month.
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The more PornHub you watch in February, the more you save the whales

Geek - ‎Feb 10, 2016‎
PornHub is getting charitable for World Whale Day (February 13th) by pledging that for every 2,000 videos streamed on the PornHub site during the month of February, they will donate one cent to the Moclips Cetelogical Society, a non-profit in ...
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Pornhub Users Are Saving the Whales, One Video at a Time

Details - ‎Feb 9, 2016‎
From February 13-29, Pornhub will donate $0.01 to the non-profit for every 2,000 video views it receives. If the site's traffic stays normal during this period, that'll mean about $6,000 altogether, but if word of the initiative spreads, Pornhub might ...

Cambridge expert says unlicensed sperm donor who fathered 800 children is 'completely irresponsible'

Cambridge News - ‎Feb 3, 2016‎
Stephen Harbottle, consultant embryologist at Cambridge IVF and current chairman of the Association of Clinical Embryologists, discusses a recent story on the BBC2's Victoria Derbyshire programme where an unlicensed sperm donor claims to have fathered ...
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Family Building Options for Same Sex Couples

Pasadena Now - ‎Feb 8, 2016‎
IVF (in vitro fertilization) uses eggs from either or both partners or donor eggs, which are then fertilized in the IVF laboratory by sperm.

First Zika case reported in Central Florida

News 13 Orlando - ‎Feb 5, 2016‎
At Cryos International in Orlando, sperm donors help make pregnancy possible. But with the outbreak of the Zika virus in 30 countries, a new travel warning is putting a pause on some donations.
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Nobody's funnier about having zero boundaries than the New Girl roommates

A.V. Club - ‎Feb 2, 2016‎
He aimed to unite the cast and guest stars in the frame and in the moment, and it really pays off: The scene in which the Boston Millers first ask Nick for a sperm donation reaches its fevered head because the actors are all interacting in real time ...

Debate on Masturbation (vs. Steve Hays)

Patheos (blog) - ‎Feb 10, 2016‎
For Onan goes in to her; that is, he lies with her and copulates, and when it comes to the point of insemination, spills the semen, lest the woman conceive. Surely at such a time the order of nature established by God in procreation should be followed .

Johnson (right) with Hannah Simone Johnson (right) with Hannah Simone

A.V. Club - ‎Feb 1, 2016‎
There are other Millers in the mix thanks to Bill and Lennon, and they present Nick with a big decision when they ask for a sperm donation. JJ: I actually would've preferred my episode to be less about my character, because it's a little tricky when ...
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After a decade, A$200000 and three countries, we have a baby - ‎Feb 8, 2016‎
They hope that more can be done to make the process of finding a donor less overwhelming for people. "In Australia most sperm donors donate without choosing the recipients, whereas the egg donor specifically chooses who her eggs goes to," says Pattison.