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Senator calls for investigation of Purdue Pharma following Times story on OxyContin

Los Angeles Times - ‎May 27, 2016‎
A U.S. senator on Friday called for federal investigations of OxyContin's manufacturer in response to a Los Angeles Times report that found the bestselling painkiller wears off early in many patients, exposing them to increased risk of addiction.

Toss the OxyContin and Turn to Pot for Pain Relief Instead?

L.A. Weekly - ‎May 24, 2016‎
The withdrawal from the OxyContin was the worst.” To kick the Oxy habit, she says she started taking methadone - artificial heroin meant to wean people off the real thing.
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Essential California: Will the feds investigate maker of OxyContin?

Los Angeles Times - ‎May 28, 2016‎
is calling for an investigation into OxyContin's manufacturer after The Times reported that the painkiller often wears off early, opening up patients to an increased risk of addiction.

How a pharma company made billions off mass murder by faking the science on Oxycontin

Boing Boing - ‎May 26, 2016‎
When Purdue Pharma's patent on the MS Contin was close to expiry, the Sackler family who owned the company spent millions trying to find a product that could replace the profits they'd lose from generic competition on MS Contin: the result was ...

Senator calls for investigation of OxyContin's manufacturer - ‎May 27, 2016‎
LOS ANGELES - A U.S. senator on Friday called for federal investigations of OxyContin's manufacturer in response to a Los Angeles Times report that found the bestselling painkiller wears off early in many patients, exposing them to increased risk of ...
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Focus: How OxyContin became America's most widely abused prescription drug

Taunton Daily Gazette - ‎May 21, 2016‎
Even before OxyContin went on the market, clinical trials showed that many patients weren't getting 12 hours of relief.

How OxyContin Became Widely Abused Drug (press release) (registration) (blog) - ‎May 16, 2016‎
The documents provide a detailed picture of the development and marketing of OxyContin, how Purdue executives responded to complaints that its effects wear off early, and their fears about the financial impact of any departure from 12-hour dosing.

This Is What It Feels Like to Withdraw from OxyContin

Yahoo News - ‎May 26, 2016‎
In 2012, doctors wrote enough opioid prescriptions to supply every adult in America with at least one bottle of pain killers. That statistic, is, well bleak.

OUR OPINION: OxyContin and addiction's scary history

Enterprise News - ‎May 23, 2016‎
The Food and Drug Administration approved OxyContin based on evidence that the two-pills-per-day regimen worked for half or more of the patients in a test group.
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Salinas Doctor Falsely Prescribed OxyContin, Norco: District Attorney - ‎May 17, 2016‎
Salinas Doctor Falsely Prescribed OxyContin, Norco: District Attorney. A pain management doctor was arrested Tuesday for alleged fraud by prescribing incorrect and potentially deadly medication to his patients.

Tonawanda police say man had cocaine, Oxycontin, marijuana in his possession

Buffalo News - ‎May 18, 2016‎
Police found cocaine, assorted pills, including Oxycontin and muscle relaxers, along with marijuana during the stop. Police charged Paquette, 35, with felony and misdemeanor counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance, as well as criminal ...

How OxyContin became America's most widely abused prescription drug

Redding Record Searchlight - ‎May 18, 2016‎
The drugmaker Purdue Pharma launched OxyContin two decades ago with a bold marketing claim: One dose relieves pain for 12 hours, more than twice as long as generic medications.

What painkillers like Vicodin and OxyContin do to your body and brain

Businessinsider India - ‎May 17, 2016‎
Despite being legal with a doctor's prescription, opioid painkillers can come with serious health risks. The drugs belong to a larger class of drugs known as opioids, which includes legal, lab-produced drugs like oxycodone, fentanyl, and morphine as ...

Congress acts on opioid drug epidemic as judge unseals OxyContin files

JD Supra (press release) - ‎May 16, 2016‎
JUDGE UNSEALS OXYCONTIN FILES: A state judge in Kentucky has rejected a drug maker's attempt to keep sealed court records from a recent lawsuit over the marketing and abuse of the powerful opioid painkiller OxyContin. The online health news site ...

New type of oxycodone abuse causing spike in heart infections

CTV News - ‎May 21, 2016‎
When the Ontario government banned OxyContin four years ago, the goal was to curb rampant abuse of the powerful painkiller.

'It's beyond pain': how Mormons are left vulnerable in Utah's opiate crisis

The Guardian - ‎May 26, 2016‎
In 2014, the year Hairup died at age 38, one-third of adults in Utah had a prescription for opioid painkillers, most notably a powerful opiate at the heart of the crisis, OxyContin. Many of them were among the 65% of state residents who are members of ...
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Amazon, but for deadly drugs: Why fentanyl and W-18 are here to stay

Vancouver Sun - ‎9 hours ago‎
DEA agents have mostly seen fentanyl cut into heroin and, more recently, in counterfeit OxyContin pills, Weis said. Agents in Bellingham are working regularly with law enforcement partners along the border, including the RCMP.

How cracking down on America's painkiller capital led to a heroin crisis

The Guardian - ‎May 25, 2016‎
It took in tens of millions of dollars a year selling OxyContin and generic versions containing oxycodone to people who travelled from Kentucky and West Virginia where painkillers were known as “hillbilly heroin”.
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'Like you're living in hell': A survivor on what opioid withdrawal did to his body

STAT - ‎May 25, 2016‎
Matt Ganem was first exposed to the prescription painkiller OxyContin when he was 16. He was at a house party in the Boston area - the kind where kids traditionally first experiment with drinking or marijuana.

Review | 'Dreamland': Book lays blame for Portsmouth's drug woes

Columbus Dispatch - ‎May 29, 2016‎
After reading "Dreamland," you will have no problem understanding how the sons of farmers growing poppy plants in Mexico travel to middle America to sell black-tar heroin to millions of Midwesterners whose supply of OxyContin has been cut off by ...