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Antibiotic resistance

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USDA offers $6 million for antimicrobial resistance research

Food Safety News - ‎9 hours ago‎
“Through our Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan, USDA is leading the way to better understand how antibiotic resistance develops, find alternatives to antibiotics, and educate people on practices that reduce the need for antibiotics,” Agriculture ...

Screening method uncovers drugs that may combat deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Science Daily - ‎May 1, 2016‎
In recent years, hospitals have reported dramatic increases in the number of cases of the highly contagious, difficult-to-treat, and often deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). Now, investigators at Beth ...

Growing antibiotic resistance opens market for alternative solutions

Winnipeg Free Press - ‎Apr 25, 2016‎
TORONTO - A hundred years ago, a small wound could result in death if an infection spread. That could become reality again as the world threatens to return to a pre-antibiotic era due to antibiotic resistance. Some have pointed to the widespread use of ...

Why your decisions matter in the fight against superbugs

ABC Online - ‎Apr 27, 2016‎
The problem is, just one packet can have an impact on your body's ability to fight disease the next time you get sick. It can also compound antibiotic resistance at a community level - contributing to the creation of antibiotic resistant superbugs ...

Antibiotic resistance study

Boston College Chronicle - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
“There are three factors at play: host, bacteria, and antibiotic,” said van Opijnen, who uses robotics, high-throughput sequencing and computational methods to study bacteria and antibiotic resistance. “In reality, we have very little understanding of ...

Antibiotic resistance sparks interest in...

Orangeville Banner - ‎Apr 25, 2016‎
"Right now we have this huge crisis that we are not developing new antibiotics and yet we have growing resistance to antibiotics," said Bob Hancock, professor and director of the centre for microbial diseases and immunity research at the University of ...
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The threat of antibiotic resistance

Drug Target Review - ‎Apr 28, 2016‎
Over the last thirty years the number of new antibiotic approvals has dropped. According to the Pew Institute, only two antibiotic products were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2015. Many of the products approved in recent years are ...

Antibiotic Resistance Leads To 'Super Gonorrhea'; Treatment May Soon Be Ineffective

Medical Daily - ‎Apr 22, 2016‎
According to the BBC, doctors have expressed “huge concern” that a strain of drug-resistant gonorrhea has been spreading across the United Kingdom.

Screening existing drugs to uncover new weapons against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Gizmag - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
Bacteria that are resistant to standard antibiotics represent one of the biggest threats to global health today, and one particular type, known as carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), was recently classified by the US Centers for Disease ...

Answer to antibiotic-resistant infections could already be on the market

Science Daily - ‎Apr 26, 2016‎
Antibiotic resistance is increasing due to the over prescription of antibiotics, said Ashok Chopra, a professor at UTMB and author of the new study in the Journal of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

Scientists reveal the secret of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Phys.Org - ‎May 2, 2016‎
Researchers have built a computer model of the interaction between different bacteria, and between bacteria and the gut wall. This has led them to explain how antibiotic-resistant microbes develop and spread; details of the study have been published in ...

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Tests Metagenomic Sequencing to ID Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infections

GenomeWeb - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
The researchers sequenced the fecal microbiomes of 17 inpatient samples, who were deemed at a higher risk to becoming infected with drug resistant bacteria due to prolonged hospital stays, as well as 11 outpatient samples, who were deemed at a lower ...

Fighting Superbugs by Hacking Antibiotic Resistance

OZY - ‎Apr 19, 2016‎
But MDR-TB is only one of many infections that have evolved resistance to antibiotics over the years, claiming an estimated 700,000 lives worldwide annually, according to a report by consultants from RAND Europe and KPMG.

Fighting superbugs: Scientists use worms to help find cure to antibiotic resistance

ABC Online - ‎Apr 20, 2016‎
"This is important because we could develop a therapy for patients in the future," Ms Soares said. "Right now the antibiotic we're using is not used in clinics because the bacteria has developed resistance to it. "We need to discover new antibiotics or ...

Putting antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the immune system under 'surveillance'

EurekAlert (press release) - ‎Apr 28, 2016‎
"There are three factors at play: host, bacteria and antibiotic," said Boston College's Tim van Opijnen, a microbial systems biologist who uses robotics, high-throughput sequencing and computational methods to study bacteria and antibiotic resistance.
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EU Regulators OK Antibiotic Zavicefta for Resistant Bugs

Medscape - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended approval of the antibiotic ceftazidime/avibactam (Zavicefta, AstraZeneca) as a new option against multidrug-resistant bacteria, the European Union (EU) agency announced today. The EMA's ...

Senior Crowdfunds Research on Antibiotic Resistance and Honey

High Point University (press release) (blog) - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
HIGH POINT, N.C., April 29, 2016 - High Point University senior Gabby Hayes harnessed the power of crowdfunding to support her research of a promising treatment option for antibiotic resistant bacteria. By recruiting supporters through a fundraising ...
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Antibiotic resistance leaves animal health in dire need of new drugs

AgraNet (subscription) - ‎Apr 27, 2016‎
Antibiotic resistance leaves animal health in dire need of new drugs. By Sian Lazell. Published: 27 April 2016 02:44 PM. An antimicrobial expert recentlyre-iterated one of the biggest concerns to animal and human medicine regardingantimicrobial resistance.

Existing non-antibiotic therapeutic drugs could help combat antibiotic-resistant pathogens - ‎Apr 27, 2016‎
The rise of antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens is an increasingly global threat to public health. In the United States alone antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens kill thousands every year. But non-antibiotic therapeutic drugs already approved ...
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FDA report finds resistant Salmonella down in meat

CIDRAP - ‎18 hours ago‎
It its annual reporting on antibiotic resistance in Salmonella found in US retail poultry and meat, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said resistant strains are down but also noted worrisome findings, such as the country's first detection of a ...