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2011–2012 Syrian uprising

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Syria conflict: UN fears Aleppo assault could cut off 300000 civilians

BBC News - ‎16 hours ago‎
March 2011: Anti-government protests erupt across Syria, but Aleppo is initially untouched as a result of a state crackdown.
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Syria: Checkered Past, Uncertain Future

Gatestone Institute - ‎5 hours ago‎
One important difference was that at the time the uprising started, the Syrian state, arguably the most repressive in the modern Arab World, apart from Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, had embarked on a program of timid reform and liberalization.
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How Vladimir Putin lost Ukraine

New Statesman - ‎4 hours ago‎
Poroshenko was a second-tier oligarch who had served briefly as foreign minister in the Orange Revolution government and as minister for trade and economic development under Yanukovych in 2012. He helped fund the .... It was a sharp reversal from 2011 ...
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Vladimir Putin's rotten wars in Ukraine

New Statesman - ‎5 hours ago‎
Poroshenko was a second-tier oligarch who had served briefly as foreign minister in the Orange Revolution government and as minister for trade and economic development under Yanukovych in 2012. He helped fund the .... It was a sharp reversal from 2011 ...

The fall of Aleppo could have 3 major consequences for Syria and the world

Business Insider - ‎Feb 9, 2016‎
The offensive has prompted fears of a new refugee exodus, as well as the real risk that Aleppo, Syria's commercial capital during peacetime, will fall, marking perhaps the greatest victory for Assad since the 2011 rebellion against his rule first began ...
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The ruins of Syria's Homs inspire artists

Your Middle East - ‎5 hours ago‎
"It doesn't matter who did what, where and how. It's up to us to find the ways to heal both the wounds on our souls and our stones.
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A Cambridge University Student Savagely Killed in Egypt, But By Whom?

Daily Beast - ‎1 hour ago‎
Fearing unrest, the authorities arrested journalists, rights activists and Facebook administrators of pages that had called for protests to mark the day. Some 5,000 flats around the downtown square were raided by the police and 180,000 troops deployed ...

The economic effects of war

Cihan News Agency - ‎6 hours ago‎
According to one study, the approximate cost of the Syrian conflict to Syria and its neighboring countries, including Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, is equal to its annual gross domestic product (GDP).

Syria artists find inspiration in haunting ruins of Homs

Middle East Online - ‎Feb 9, 2016‎
Homs in central Syria was nicknamed the "capital of the revolution" by opponents of President Bashar al-Assad, and saw massive demonstrations against his rule after the uprising began in March 2011. When the uprising transformed into a war after a ...

Can Your PlayStation Stop a War?

Foreign Policy (blog) - ‎Feb 8, 2016‎
It's a controversial issue and one that has prompted at least six reports by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and was the subject of a 2011 Supreme Court decision that struck down a ban on selling them to kids without parental supervision. From ...
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Aniseh Makhlouf, mother of Syria's Assad, dies

CTV News - ‎Feb 6, 2016‎
At the beginning of the uprising against the Assad family rule in March 2011, she was reported to have pushed Assad to crack down hard on protesters.

US Army study: Iraq's Mosul dam at 'higher risk' of failure

WFTV Orlando - ‎19 hours ago‎
The ISSG includes 17 regional and world powers trying to end Syria's conflict, which has killed more than 250,000 people since March 2011. Cluster bombs have also been used in other recent conflicts in the region, including by forces loyal to Libyan ...

Israeli military says top mission is countering Gaza tunnels

KIRO Seattle - ‎22 hours ago‎
The U.N. humanitarian office OCHA says 300,000 people could be cut off from aid if the Syrian government and allied forces encircle Aleppo and deprive those fleeing from their last way out.

What happens next in Aleppo will shape Europe's future

The Guardian - ‎Feb 6, 2016‎
The defeat of anti-Assad rebels who have partially controlled the city since 2012 would leave nothing on the ground in Syria but Assad's regime and Islamic State. And all hope of a negotiated settlement involving the Syrian opposition will vanish. This ...
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This shocking drone footage from Syria shows what a destroyed city looks like

Vox - ‎Feb 3, 2016‎
In 2008, more than 800,000 people lived in the Syrian city of Homs. In 2011, it became one of the hotbeds of ... to the streets to march against Assad.
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Obama's Disastrous Betrayal of the Syrian Rebels

Foreign Policy (blog) - ‎Feb 5, 2016‎
Last February, President Bashar al-Assad's regime and its Shiite auxiliaries mounted a large-scale attempt to encircle Aleppo, the northern city divided between regime and rebels since 2012 and battered by the dictator's barrel bombs. Islamist and non ...
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Donors pledge more than US$6 billion for Syrians

UNHCR (press release) - ‎Feb 4, 2016‎
Co-hosted by the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Kuwait and the UN, the pledging conference mobilised important new and record funding for humanitarian and development needs for Syrians and neighbouring communities hosting them since 2011 ...
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No haven for refugees - ‎Feb 8, 2016‎
Ceyda Nurtsch spoke to Bilgin Ayata, assistant professor of political sociology at Basel University, about the political motivation behind the conflict and its impact on Turkey′s citizens. The AKP government stopped the negotiations with the PKK which ...
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Obama's Tarnished Legacy in the Middle East

The Cairo Review of Global Affairs (blog) - ‎Feb 6, 2016‎
However, what angers many Arabs is Obama's disastrous handling of the Syrian conflict; they blame his dithering on challenging the Al-Assad regime's predations, and halfhearted measures toward helping the Syrian opposition, for the worst human ...
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To the shores of Tripoli

Open Democracy - ‎Feb 7, 2016‎
The military effort hinges on the success of the new government in merging the violently hostile factions that have been running Tripolitania and Cyrenaica as if they were separate countries since 2012; but assuming the coalition holds, the west will ...