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Nutrition: Vegan communities are growing

Buffalo News - ‎5 hours ago‎
The “vegan” term can connote an animal-rights ethic and environmental activism, but the common denominator among all vegans is avoidance of all animal-based foodstuff. And what might sound crazy to some, a diet completely devoid of steak, eggs, cheese ...
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Detroit Woman Pledges to Go Vegan So PETA Will Pay Her Water Bill

ABC News
Jul 30, 2014
Written by
Rheana Murray
As thousands of Detroit residents struggle without water, one woman is reaching out to an unlikely source to help pay for her overdue bill: PETA.

The 5 Most Delicious Vegan Summer Treats

E! Online - ‎42 minutes ago‎
The creator of Stella's Best, Catherine Weiss, came to the E! office this week and brought along with her a list of her favorite vegan treats for the summer. We sampled her dairy-free ice cream and, needless to say, we went back for more than seconds.
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Vegan tofu lover wanted her Tennesee license plate to read 'ILVTOFU' but was ...

Daily Mail - ‎Jul 31, 2014‎
A vegan PETA employee loves tofu so much she wanted to write 'I love Tofu' as 'ILVTOFO' on her license plate but was denied by the state of Tennessee because they thought the plate was 'too vulgar.

A Meat Lover's Journey to the Loving Hut, a Vegan Buffet in Addison

Dallas Observer (blog) - ‎6 hours ago‎
Loving Hut offers a $9 vegan buffet in Addison. So, while it is cheap, right off the bat it's most of my least favorite things.

Sanctuary, A Vegan, Gluten-Free Berkeley Bistro

Eater SF
Jul 31, 2014
Written by
Allie Pape
Diners with dietary restrictions are going to be head-over-heels for new restaurant Sanctuary Bistro, which debuts in Berkeley tomorrow.

In Berkeley: Vegan, gluten-free Sanctuary Bistro

Berkeleyside - ‎Jul 30, 2014‎
Calling all vegan and/or gluten-free residents of Berkeley (that's at least half the city, no?) a new restaurant is opening just for you.

Biohackers are developing a vegan cheese

Gizmag - ‎Jul 30, 2014‎
Many people say they can't go vegan because of their addiction to dairy. But that excuse could soon be past its sell-by date if a team of biohackers in California succeeds in scaling up production of a cheese that contains no animal by-products.
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No ILVTOFU for you: Vegan's license plate request nixed

USA TODAY - ‎Jul 29, 2014‎
"All I'm trying to do is spread a pro-vegan message with my license plate," said Whitney, who began working for PETA about five years ago.

Dichotomous Reviews: Steakhouse Doris Metropolitan and Vegan Cafe Seed

Eater - ‎Jul 31, 2014‎
This week, the Gambit's Sarah Baird reviews Doris Metropolitan, the new, next generation of steakhouse in the French Quarter, which she claims "flips the traditional notion of the steak house on its head with the kind of streamlined swankiness that ...

Living la vegan loca!

Evening Echo Cork - ‎Jul 30, 2014‎
BUDDY the dog likes the odd lettuce leaf or cucumber stick, which is hardly surprising since his owner is a vegan. “Often, when I am preparing my food, Buddy is near the table watching me intently and I give him the odd nibble,” says Louise Kelly with ...

Vegan 1 Day Project on Lake Tahoe to raise awareness about farm animals, diet

Tahoe Daily Tribune - ‎Jul 31, 2014‎
Many people mistakenly think committing to a vegan diet is restrictive and difficult. In reality, a whole food, plant-based diet is healthy, compassionate and easy.

Woman's Quest to Go Vegan So PETA Will Pay Her Water Bill

KGO-TV - ‎Jul 30, 2014‎
Last week, Turner mailed her overdue bill -- amounting to $147.12 -- and a pledge to go vegan to PETA, which recently announced it would pay the bills of 10 Detroit citizens who agreed to stop eating animal products.

'You Don't Need to Eat Animals to Stay Fit': Five Vegans Who Have Taken the ...

Huffington Post UK
Jul 28, 2014
Written by
Hilary Wardle
Nevertheless, the British Vegan Society estimates that there are 150,000 vegans in the UK, while the US boasts some two million vegans out of a total population of 313 million. While vegetarian athletes can still eat eggs and replace the creatine that ...

Alicia Silverstone throws vegan party

TVNZ - ‎Jul 30, 2014‎
Alicia Silverstone threw a vegan bash at a farm for her son Bear's third birthday. The 'Clueless' star, who is married to Christopher Jarecki, invited friends and family to Farm Sanctuary's Southern California Shelter for the event, where her little ...

Turnover releasing a new 7", going on tour (dates & new song stream ...

Brooklyn Vegan (blog) - ‎9 hours ago‎
Virginia Beach's Turnover put out their debut LP, Magnolia, last year via Run for Cover and they're set to follow it with the 3-song Blue Dream 7" on August 26 via Broken Rim in the US and Dog Knights in Europe (click the links to pre-order).

PETA Offers To Pay Detroit Residents' Water Bills If They Go Vegan

NPR - ‎Jul 25, 2014‎
The city cut off water to thousands of households with overdue bills topping $90 million. The animal rights organization stepped in, offering to pay 10 residents' bills if they go vegan for a month. Copyright © 2014 NPR. For personal, noncommercial use ...

Anne Hathaway requires vegan cake on 'The Intern' set

Page Six - ‎Jul 29, 2014‎
Anne Hathaway didn't want to break her diet when a scene in her new movie, “The Intern” with Robert De Niro, required her to nibble on chocolate cake.

Would You Date a Vegetarian or Vegan?

Yahoo Food
Jul 22, 2014
Written by
Lizbeth Scordo
Chances are, the stereotype you just conjured wasn't of a gaggle of strapping gents with bulging biceps. But then, you probably haven't met the six vegans NPR's “All Things Considered” interviewed this week—among them a bodybuilder, a triathlete, and ...

15 Vegan Recipes You Should Learn to Cook if You Are in Your Twenties

One Green Planet - ‎Jul 30, 2014‎
In July, Buzzfeed published a post titled “26 Foods You Should Learn to Cook in Your Twenties.” As I skimmed over the list, I thought how great it would be if every one of these recipes contained zero animal ingredients.